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Safety and Pipeline Integrity

At Deep Gas System, safety is our highest priority. Our distribution network is routinely subject to rigorous inspection, maintenance and oversight within the company and at the federal and state level. Paramount is adherence to a federal pipeline integrity management rule that requires periodic pipeline inspections and repairs as necessary.

Deep Gas System employs a wide range of safety programs, including:

  • Participation in excavation damage prevention initiatives;
  • Installing above-ground markers to indicate the location of buried gas lines;
  • Performing visual inspections and leak surveys of our system to identify potential problems;
  • Maintaining rigid requirements for qualification and inspection of construction techniques used in our system; and
  • Supporting research and development focused on inspection technologies, pipeline integrity, corrosion prevention and construction techniques.

You need to know:

Customers can help in our safety efforts. We always encourage our customers to call us at 904-944-6363 when they suspect a LPG & NG problem or leak. Our operators are on call 24/7 and Deep Gas System will respond quickly to any suspected LPG & NG leak.

Instruction for Home Safety

    In Case Of Fire.

  • Close The Gas Tap.
  • Close The Control Valve.
  • Close The Riser Isolation Valve.
  • Disperse All Personnel to A Sat Location.
  • Call Our 24 Hours Emergency Number Immediately.
  • Do Not Attempt To Repair The Gas Equipment Or Pipelines On Your Own.
  • Do Not Open The Riser Isolations Valve.

    In case of Gas Leakage.

  • Open Windows and Doors.
  • Close The Application Valve.
  • Close The Meter Control Valve.
  • Call Our 24 Hours Emergency Number Immediately.
  • Do Not Ignite The Burner Or Any Other Items.
  • Do Not Switch On/Off Electrical Switches /Applications In The House.